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Tiendas Campeón

Tiendas Campeón

Ecommerce Development B2C.

Development of Ecommerce b2c application made-to-measure for TIENDAS CAMPEÓN. Integration of the own products (TIENDAS CAMPEÓN) across their ERP identifying each of them by reference including a unique numerical codes with fixed positions.

For every product and reference of stock, the following structural information will be established:

  • Brand
  • Genre
  • Type
  • Sport
  • Family
  • Colour
  • Size

An advanced search system is defined, that beside segmenting for these fields, allows to define a limits of price, to generate leaked lists of products.

The application allows to define PVP for product as well as to the variations of color and optionally offers for product and variaciations of color.

The control of stock is defined on the heights and variations of color of the products, defining three states that visually differ on codes of color :

  • Available.
  • Only "x" units available. (Between 1 and 3 available units)
  • Out of Stock.

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