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Spainways Tour

Viajes dos, S.L. - Travel reservations system

Development of ecommerce application jointly combining the system of Movelia and Paradores entreprises.

This application, in addition to manage the internal ouw information, will be linked to the webservice of movelia and interfaces, using the xml-rpc tecnology, to obtain information about destinations and accommodations available, and comunicate the bookings made by spainways customers.

The system are defined to be used by are three types of users :

  • Final customers, visitors of the website.
  • Travel agencies
  • Spainway administratores

Application interface:

Institucional information

Generally, across accesses by menus and links, in the public area, a legal and social information shall be provided, about Viajes Dos signature, divided into several sections/urls.

Ofertas y promociones

Special offers will be placed, prominently, in the website, as visual banners, destinated to promote, special offers packages or just a simple promotional information. Those banners are linked to other zone in the web (and even to extern URLs ),by allowing the use of reference in these URLs to identificate ofers, destinations or specific dates.


In the web, a detailed information about paradores will be provided. Each parador, will have a identification name, as well as a small website with an introduction text, fotos gallery, localisation ID (comprise a address linked to googlemap), service detalles, features, etc.

Availability and bookings

To realize a reservation; the web will present,prominently,a selection box that initally show a selector calendar of arrival and departure, and a selector of destination parador.Once confirmed thos informations and the system detects availability by checking in,an additional selector, after submitting the first one, will show posibles departures city, schedules, number of places, crossed with movelia.

Newsletter subscribe

The system, additionally, will offer to the visitors the possibility to indicate their mail address, for subscribe in a system of newsletter via Email.

Latest news and features

In a pertinent section of the web, articles of general interest will be displayed, destined to inform about latest news that "viajes dos" esteems publishable.

Customers Registration

As part of the reservation process, the final customers will remain registered as active clients in the system. This access will allow to automate the filling of personal information in bookings, and additionally, manage personal and historical information:

  • Controlar la suscripción personal a los boletines de información
  • To control the personal subscription to the newsletters
  • To edit the personal information and password.
  • To download documents related with bookings.
  • To consult the history of realized reservations in your account.

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